Bagging Scale Common Troubleshooting



bagging sacle

Due to external factors or operational errors, there will always be minor glitches on the bagging scale. In order not to affect production, you can handle or remedy yourself. However, it is best to contact the manufacturer for after-sales processing if some of the equipment cannot be processed or the interior of the equipment needs to be disassembled. Some common faults and countermeasures are summarized as follows:

1. The actual weighing value of the bagging scale is slightly different from the preset value.

Possible reason: Inaccurate scale spacing calibration.

Solution: Recalibrate the weighing distance of the bagging scale.

2. The actual weighing value of the bagging scale is different from the preset value, and it is very stable.

Possible cause: The calibration scale was not calibrated or incorrectly calibrated before starting up.

Solution: If it is an emergency treatment, the predetermined value can be adjusted according to the difference; if it is not urgent, the bagging scale is calibrated.

3, the weighing value of the bagging scale is not stable, suddenly it is big and small.

Possible Causes:

External factors: Unstable installation of bagging scales, shaking at work, unstabilized material feeding, malfunction of solenoid valve cylinders, weighing of weighing scales.

Internal factors: The fast part of the feed rate is too long and the slow part is too short.


External factors: If it is unstable to install the bagging scales, it can be reinforced to ensure stability; if the material is unstable, you can change the way of feeding or change the structure of the buffer tank to ensure the stability of incoming materials; if it is a solenoid valve cylinder If the operation is not working, you can check whether the air cylinder and the solenoid valve are well sealed and the air pressure is stable. If necessary, replace the air cylinder solenoid valve. If it is external force of the weighing link, you can find the external force and remove it.

Internal factors: It is possible to shorten the time of fast-loading and increase the slow-loading time.